Reclaiming Fort Galax

Reclaiming Fort Galax
Wizards and Sorcerers

Fort Galax has been taken and overrun by a wayward wizard named Lenard Greenhill of the Blood, Lenard is using the forbidden magics of Blood magic, he’s tired of being the man behind the scenes and chooses to find his own discoveries and show them off to the land of Galastrom, which ill either result in acceptance for his new found powers, or fear of his growing power. The head wizard of the Arcane Temperance, Lephiz Hale; has asked around the Ten-Towns for suitable adventurers to take on the task of reclaiming Fort Galax, and all that have been asked have denied the plea and cowered in fear, Lephiz grows weary of the people that will not help him in his hour of need, for Lenard has grown to powerful with the forbidden magic. Except for a group of suitable warriors, that will heed his call to reclaim what was taken.

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